E-Commerce Website

eCommerce Website Design – Your Most Important Investment
Brick and mortar stores pour revenue and resources into making sure storefront appearance and product displays are perfect. Why should you treat your ecommerce store any differently?
In the digital marketplace, website design and navigation take the place of physical product displays. Ecommerce website database management systems automatically manage inventory, process orders and determine what suggestive selling techniques will be employed. In short, an ecommerce business’ website design, ease of navigation and content management capabilities are critical to its success.

Custom Ecommerce Site Development
In many ways, choosing an ecommerce website developer is like choosing a building architect, a marketer and an inventory manager all rolled into one.
At Web Advances, we help ecommerce businesses discover design and navigation features which will boost sales, and we customize database management systems to best fit the needs of your business. Because PHP programming is our specialty, we can design and develop custom ecommerce websites to meet the most demanding requirements, including customized back end management platforms. By developing ecommerce sites with the capabilities and user control you need, we give businesses like yours a better chance at success.

Shopping Cart Coding & Payment Gateway Integration
Shopping cart coding is an important part of every ecommerce site. A website’s shopping cart security and usability have a huge impact on shopping cart abandonment rates and can make the difference between a lost sale and a repeat customer. When it comes to coding your website’s shopping cart, you need an expert!
We’ve worked with most payment gateways on the market and can help you weigh the pros and cons of different shopping cart platforms. We provide expert shopping cart coding and complete payment gateway integration using the following programs:

Online Credit Card Processing Solutions

Third Party Shopping Carts
Zen Cart
Banking Systems
(We also can set Recurring Billing for automatic payments)

Custom Shopping Carts can also be built to suit specific business needs or for selling one or two items where a full blown third-party cart is not needed.

Let us work with you and your business to determine the best ecommerce solution. Contact us today.